Tuesday 30 June 2015

Review: 'Undercity', Catherine Asaro - 5* :)

Review: 'Undercity' by Catherine Asaro   5*
pub Baen Books, Dec 2014

Bhaajan, former major in the Skolian Space Command, is now a hard-bitten private eye. But the kidnapping of a prince brings back to the past she deliberately left behind - the Undercity. Only there can she find the clues to solve this crime - and a lot more.

Despite her pedigree Asaro was a new writer to me, but now I'm hooked, both on her writing and the Skolian universe. I already have another loaded on my ereader.

Basically this book had everything I wanted: strong characters, a new, unique world and a plot that wasn't as simple as it first appeared. Plus a great sense of pace, without which everything else falters?

Wish I'd written this one, and I don't honestly think that often. So consider trying it out?

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