Saturday 27 June 2015

Review: 'Frontier Resistance', Leonie Rogers, 4* :)

Review: 'Frontier Resistance', by Leonie Rogers.         4*
pub Hague Publishing, out October 2014

a YA sequel to 'Frontier Incursion.'

This continues the tale of adults and near-adults making a life on the hostile planet they crashed on, now facing aliens intent on enslaving them. The key human characters are teamed up with panther-like creatures with empathic abilities, and in this book the humans start to learn more about these allies, and the effect they are having on humans.

The second book is very successful at introducing just enough plot etc to make it readable without knowing the first story, a sign of a good writer. I liked the plot and I enjoyed most of the characters, including the aliens. And the last quarter of the book ramped up the tension and came to a very good conclusion.

It's not the first time the idea has been written but it is a very nice effort, and I like stories that deal with aliens as real characters rather than 'the enemy'. If I'm disappointed it's for two reasons. The rather homogenous portrayal of the felines compared to the other characters [though I'll accept it was a big ask to distinguish so many characters]. But mostly it was pace. For three quarters of this book I found myself skim-reading to speed it up. But I kept reading. I wanted to know what happened, plot-wise, enough to put up with that.

So you might try a sample and see? Because if not for those two factors I might well have ended up giving it 5 stars instead.

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