Saturday 15 February 2014

Life with Blogging

Sometimes reality gets in the way and I realise I 'owe' a blog. So for once let's talk about reality.

My other half has been dismantling the garden trellis, snapped clean off by the high winds. Which is not a complaint because I'm seeing numerous pics of people all round the country, and beyond, who are much worse off. I seem to live in the only bit of the UK not seriously impacted by the current weather challenge. Trees down, yes, garden totally soggy, yes. Flooded, no.

 I have enormous admiration for those people so obviously pulling together and getting on with a life that's now knee deep in yukky water, and I love the images of one area using water-filled bags to form dams, like holding back oil spills at sea, it just seems so appropriate to use water to fight water?

To anyone out there who has flood problems, I really hope the weather reports are right and things are about to perk up. At least then you can try to put your lives back together.

Wednesday 5 February 2014

Review: non fiction for once but well worth trying :)

Just read 'The Science of Civilisation' by Roger P Briggs, just out from Collins Foundation Press. subtitled 'The Science of How We Got Here'.   
Isbn 9780988438200

I've given it a whopping 5 stars!

The title pretty much sums up the book but this is no dry academic tome. There’s plenty of scope here for both the scientific reader and the very not-so – which would be me!

I take the factual content on trust, supported by the wealth of originating references, both to those who made the discoveries and to books with more detailed information for those who want to go deeper.

What I especially like though is the language, full of everyday terms and analogies. And the way the book is organised into clear sections, each with shaded pages for extra data and a summary to close.

I’d say this was a great stab at making evolution accessible to those like me, and a very good starter pack for those wishing to delve further. Tell your friends?

Tuesday 4 February 2014

Got Any Spare Parts?

This time it's a serious blog. I've just amended the details in my Organ Donor registration. I've been registered for years now, since it meant carrying a card rather than being in a database, but it had slipped my mind that I'd  done things like move house, change email....

So this has reminded me to send out the call. If there's anyone out there who isn't registered, how about it?
As the latest leaflet  succinctly puts it:

"Would you take an organ if you needed one?