Saturday 15 February 2014

Life with Blogging

Sometimes reality gets in the way and I realise I 'owe' a blog. So for once let's talk about reality.

My other half has been dismantling the garden trellis, snapped clean off by the high winds. Which is not a complaint because I'm seeing numerous pics of people all round the country, and beyond, who are much worse off. I seem to live in the only bit of the UK not seriously impacted by the current weather challenge. Trees down, yes, garden totally soggy, yes. Flooded, no.

 I have enormous admiration for those people so obviously pulling together and getting on with a life that's now knee deep in yukky water, and I love the images of one area using water-filled bags to form dams, like holding back oil spills at sea, it just seems so appropriate to use water to fight water?

To anyone out there who has flood problems, I really hope the weather reports are right and things are about to perk up. At least then you can try to put your lives back together.

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