Monday 12 December 2016

Tis the Season?

I was going to get round to wishing people a Merry Christmas, and probably still will, but this snippet of real life intervened...

Driving south on a British motorway to visit a relative this Sunday. For once the roadworks weren't actually holding everyone up, merely slowing us down to fifty miles per hour from time to time. The weather was, well, British December, ie grey to start off then foggy then wet. The other motorists could drive, only a rare roadhog sticking stubbornly to that middle lane, you know the one that's for going at least a bit faster than the slow lane?

So what jerked me out of my passenger doze?

A nondescript white car in front of us. First jolt: it had a large metal sticker above its number plate that said 'Trump' and 'Pence'.

OK, so while it was unexpected on a British road, people do have the right to their opinions, and on spending silly money to show complete strangers what they are.
On the right hand side of the boot, that spot some manufacturers add the name of that model, there were a row of silhouettes, black on white, and they were all guns, standing up largest to smallest.

And underneath them all were the words, 'My Family'

So... am I being Scrooge-like, Grinch-like if you're American, to hope that the person who did this, who presumably believes this, is only visiting and will soon be returning to the USA? Not that I'd wish this person on anyone anywhere, but I could only wish they weren't British. It's now Monday and the image is still in my head.  I'm not a very political person; pretty much an 'as long as it doesn't scare the horses' type, but this? Very disturbing, and SO not Christmassy.