Wednesday 5 February 2014

Review: non fiction for once but well worth trying :)

Just read 'The Science of Civilisation' by Roger P Briggs, just out from Collins Foundation Press. subtitled 'The Science of How We Got Here'.   
Isbn 9780988438200

I've given it a whopping 5 stars!

The title pretty much sums up the book but this is no dry academic tome. There’s plenty of scope here for both the scientific reader and the very not-so – which would be me!

I take the factual content on trust, supported by the wealth of originating references, both to those who made the discoveries and to books with more detailed information for those who want to go deeper.

What I especially like though is the language, full of everyday terms and analogies. And the way the book is organised into clear sections, each with shaded pages for extra data and a summary to close.

I’d say this was a great stab at making evolution accessible to those like me, and a very good starter pack for those wishing to delve further. Tell your friends?

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