Sunday 7 June 2015

It was FREE - and You Missed It?

Last Saturday  was the annual mini-con that incorporates the BSFA and BSF AGMs - such a lot of initials. Which, being friendly people, they turn into an all day event by sandwiching the AGMs between two panels and two author interviews.

Guess what? The guests interviewed this year were:

drum roll please...




-and you missed it? [Disbelief] A chance to hear not one but two literary luminaries, both of them, incidentally, amusing as well as engrossing. [Sigh.]

As an extra bonus the BSFA meeting discussed their awards criteria, with special reference to people who attempt to influence votes for reasons personal or political. Sad Puppies can stay sad - they're still not welcome and won't be tolerated.
[If, by any rare chance you are not aware of the Hugo Award being under attack by fools who apparently believe cheating their way to awards means something, just search 'sad puppies' and 'hugo award'. If by any chance you should have voted for the Hugos, but didn't bother, maybe next year you might?]

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