Sunday 7 June 2015

Review: Two for the price of one: 'How We Learn', Benedict Carey 5* + 'Transgender Lives', Kirsten Cronn-Mills 5* :)

Both these books are non fiction. In many ways they only other thing they have in common is their five star rating, but since I seldom review nonfiction I decided to put them together.

'How We Learn', by Benedict Carey, 5*
Pub Random House

"A practical, playful... guide to what we really know about learning and memory today - and how we can apply it to our lives."

Science reporter Carey's proposal: what if there was a way to achieve more [learning] with less effort? He explores this subject with an entertaining style and a personal touch that lifts this book well out of textbook status.

As a teacher myself - though now outside the school environment - I found this easy to read, informative, and something of a relief, as it confirmed many of the methods I and those around me already used. Except we were basing what we did on experience - or should that be trial and error?
Either way, this is a great book for anyone involved in or concerned about learning.

Maybe we should recommend it to some of those politicians who keep interfering in our education system???

'Transgender Lives', by Kirsten Cronn-Mills, 5*
pub Lerner Publicity

This covers the accounts of seven Trans people in the USA, their daily lives, their struggles and decisions, how they see themselves and how others see them.

I was frankly surprised by how easy to read this little book was, and can honestly say I found it both enjoyable and illuminating. Due, undoubtedly, to the honesty of the 'subjects', and the concise wrting style.
Thanks for this one.

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