Saturday 27 June 2015

And Now For Something Completely Different? - Review: 'Twisted Miracles', A J Larrieu 4* :)

Review: 'Twisted Miracles' by A J Larrieu      4*
pub Carina Press, April 2015


After the planet-bound space opera of the last post here, this was a walk on the lighter side.

A reluctant telekinetic is drawn back to New Orleans' supernatural underworld when her best friend goes missing, but once there she finds her powers, and her feelings for an ex, are stronger than before.

This one is a YA paranormal murder mystery, with a dash of romance - something for everyone. I especially liked the way this story jumped right in, adding just enough background to colour things but not worrying to much about explaining more. YA or adult, we none of us like being lectured, do we?

The plot was interesting, the characters likeable and it's nicely targetted as YA. OK, some characters are weaker than others, and I guessed who-dunnit in advance of the climax, But the premis and paranormal 'rules' were well conceived and credible.

And I enjoyed guessing and being right!

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