Friday 3 July 2015

Review: Dark Prayer, Natasha Mostert 5* :)

Review: Dark Prayer, by Natasha Mostert   5*
pub Portable Magic Ltd.  out Oct 2014

"Eloise Blake is on the run 0 from a life she can no longer remember."

And for once that's all I'm going to tell you about this one. Find out more by the usual methods?

I found it a fascinating story, a thriller that hooked me right from the start then surprised me by gripping tighter and tighter as the story became darker and more intense than it first appeared. The characters are quirky yet convincing, the writing fluid, and where the plot could easily have strayed into mysticism and straight magic-fantasy, it didn't, and that definitely added to the effect.

For me this is definitely one to read. :)

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