Monday 21 September 2015

Review: The Death House, Sarah Pinborough 5* :)

Review: The Death House         5*
by Sarah Pinborough
pub Orbit

described in the blurb as "an exceptional, contemporary, heartbreaking novel" and it's all true.

16 year old Toby is in the Death House. Any sign of the dreaded sickness and Matron will move them to the sanitorium, from where no one ever returns. So everyone watches everyone else for any changes. but maybe death isn't the worst thing they need to deal with.

Honestly, I loved every page of this book. It was a spell binder, leaving behind that sense of wonder, that 'wow' factor only the best fantasy can. It's one of the very very few books in recent months I'd totally vote for in an award list.

Do try it out!

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