Monday 21 September 2015

Catching up with Life - Yet Again.

'Ashamet' is out in the world now, and while the odd review hates it - mainly, unsurprisingly on 'moral' grounds, most of them like it, or really like it, to the tune of giving it five stars and wanting more! This is of course very gratifying. It's also, to be honest, rather a shock. I hoped for quite good, I seem to have got a lot more. Result: it feels unreal, but then I suspect it always will, I never have quite trusted compliments.

In the meantime, I'm looking forward to Bristolcon at the weekend. I finally got there a couple years ago, after being told repeatedly how nice a con it was, to find the advice was dead on, it's a very friendly, and very well run, convention. So off I go again, but this time with books to sell. Do look for them in the dealer room?

This time round I'm doing an editing workshop, a whole 45 minutes of pick up your pen and have a go. Also sitting in on the panel on dystopian fiction. Jan Edwards our moderator asks what hat we'll be wearing; what position we'll be coming from. I guess I'll be 1] reader 2] critiquer/editor and 3] writer. 'Ashamet', it occurs to me, could easily have been a dystopian story but isn't. Which makes me wonder why I wrote it the other way round. Maybe I'm just not pessimistic enough? If you're curious, I'll also be reading a short excerpt at the end of the panel session.

Apart from all that I hope to see old friends, and maybe meet new ones, which is also what a con is all about. And listen to panels, readings... I might even manage someone else's workshop if I'm lucky. I can never get my head around the notion that people only go to cons to sit in the bar. I always want to make the most of what's on offer?

Maybe see you there?

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