Friday 6 March 2015

Review: The Table of Less Valued Knights, 4*, but almost 5* :-)

The Table of Less Valued Knights, Marie Phillips, 4*
published Random House/Vintage.

Sit Humphrey du Val, of Camelot's least prestigious table, is tempted out of his enforced retirement to help the Lady Elaine rescue her kidnapped fiance.
In the next kingdom, the new young queen, appalled by her prospective husband, decides to disguise herself as a boy and run away.

Sounds like a standard fairytale? But nothing here as quite what it seems, and the two quests collide, with hilarious results.

For me this was a 4 star that was very nearly a 5 star rating, one of the closest potential successors to Sir Terry Pratchett I've seen in a while. It didn't quite get me laughing out loud but was chuckling. So do take a look?

One for any reader with a sense of the ridiculous.

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