Saturday 21 March 2015

Review, Hangtown, by Karen Sandler. 5* :-)

Hangtown, by Karen Sandler, 5*
published by Angry Robot

"Marooned in her despised hometown, Greenville, California, PI Janelle Watkins only wants to make enough money to move back out. The fact her ex-partner/ ex[lover is now the local Sheriff hasn't changed her mind, nor his teenage niece, who looks up to her.
 But then the suicides and 'accidents' start to mount up, and it's Janelle who sees connections."

This is a small town murder mystery with a suitably flawed heroine [an abused history plus a bad limp from the bullet that ended her previous career]

The characters are just a touch cranky, and very credible with it. The plot was very well built. Simple answer: I really enjoyed the read and will look for more from the writer. So maybe you will too?

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