Friday 13 March 2015

Review: Nobel Metals, by L A Witt, 4* :-)

Noble Metals, by L A Witt, 4*
published by Riptide Publishing.

Picture the Klondike and gold rush fever. One young prospector, down on his luck, is surviving by keeping bar and being a prostitute in a local saloon. Till an unusually academic stranger, an inventor no less, offers him a way to hunt the gold he came for in return for being  hired help.

But of course nothing's ever that simple. The inventor isn't searching for gold but for platinum. Still, the device he intends to use to find it will find gold just as well - which naturally puts them both in danger from any less scrupulous gold-digger.

An easy-read, gay romance plus historical adventure. The main characters are likeable and refreshingly not-heroic; the challenges are considerable, and only a slightly too easy ending dropped this from a 5 star rating. So worth a read.

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