Friday 27 February 2015

Review, Masks, E M Prazeman, 5* :-)

As said, I still have a stack of good reads in the queue, so I'm trying to be a better blogger, if only to get them out there, while I sit here contemplating the arrival of my own debut offering. With that very much in mind, here's a debut novel I really enjoyed recently:

Masks, E M Prazemen, 5*
published Wryd Goat Press LLC

These jesters don't wear bells any more - so you won't hear them coming!

Mark, orphaned and destitute, is bought into a nobleman's house where he becomes both a catamite and a student. When he is nineteen his patron's Jester, Gutter, gifts him a living Jester's mask. But Mark hesitates to wear it, unsure of the new life it could offer and of the motives behind it. A jester's mask really does change things.

How far can he trust Gutter's generosity?
Who really murdered his mother?
Why is another Jester telling him to run and hide?

This is a brilliant debut novel, well written, well paced and with characters I loved. I've bought the sequel. So do take a look.

Hopefully I won't take so long to add more next time.

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