Friday 20 February 2015

New Year, already? Ouch, my life is caught up but my book reviews are way behind.

Yeah, so it's already well into February too. It's just taken me a while to catch up, that's all, and  I'm sure anyone reading this has been busy too.

It appears, however, that I'm now officially a NetGalley Top Reviewer - who knew? I wouldn't have, except I suddenly noticed the logo on my NetGalley page a couple days ago. Made me feel quite proud. Though it's possible one or two people I've reviewed this year wouldn't agree. ;-)

It made me think though. For one thing, I'd got bogged down and hadn't passed on my reviews as much as I should have. For another, I know I'm now looking at finding out what people have to say about my own novel which will be available to review here and there any day. Ah well. People will love it or hate it, or possibly both at once. I'm reminding myself that a British publisher said the story would be "too difficult to market" - and trying not to expect too much.

If you do read it, please give me a comment, either way. I'd really like to hear them.

In the meantime I see I have a stack of 4 or 5 star books in my reviewed stack, so to make things up a bit I'm going to blog 5 5-star reviews over the next 5 days for anyone looking for a really good read.

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