Tuesday 24 February 2015

Review, Inspector Hobbes and the Curse, Wilkie Martin, 5* :-)

Inspector Hobbes and the Curse, Wilkie Martin, 5*
published by The Witcherley Book Company.

"A humorous mystery series titled Unhuman... suitable for a wide readership from teen upwards."

the disaster-prone Andy, currently lodging with the oversized Inspector, his elderly, tooth-collecting housekeeper and a delinquent hound, will have to stumble his way through sheep deaths, missing pheasants, big cat sightings and ruthless big business interests to survive this story.

Oh, and he thinks he's falling in love, there's something very worrying lurking in the woods, and he's a bit worried his less-than-human Inspector might take the law into his own huge hands.

As all this suggests, this book is an urban fantasy with a twist, built around an eccentric protagonist and a tongue in cheek humour worthy of Pratchett or Holt.

I'll definitely look for more.

And that concludes the promised 5x5 stars, and catches me up - a bit. Trouble is, I still have a stack more really good reviews to pass along.
But I guess they'll wait a little longer.

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