Saturday 25 April 2015

Review: Beyond Hercules, by Paul Bussard, 4* :)

Beyond Hercules, by Paul Bussard - 4*
pub Montag Press
out August 11th

A wealthy inventor, his teenage girlfriend, an astronomer and a Russian cosmonaut face the thrill, and the danger, of discovering anti-gravity. and not all those dangers lie within their own world. [In fact that aspect delivered some of my favourite bits!]

This one is definitely hard SF with the science content one might expect, but for the non-scientific reader, like me, it is happily wrapped in an adventure story coating that still keeps it enjoyable. Whether the science content is reliable, or merely 'creative' I wouldn't know. No doubt other, better-qualified readers will decide. But the adventure was fun and I wouldn't at all mind finding out what happens next. And I have to figure any hard SF book I find enjoyable must be better than average, right?

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