Saturday 25 April 2015

Eastercon; After The Fact

I am, as usual, catching up with my life. Where the days go I have no idea, then suddenly I'm thinking, "When was the last time I blogged?"

So I hope you found Eastercon enjoyable. I know I did, helped along by the fact the hotel this time was MUCH better than previous Heathrow venues. Even the prices were, for London, very reasonable.

Meeting friends is a bonus prize for me at cons but I confess I'm unfashionable enough I really go for the panels etc. And Dysprosium was no exception. Naturally I sat in on the agenting panel, and most of the items where Jim Butcher was involved, being a Dresden fan. Laughed through Professor Elemental's performance, frowned through 'Asymmetric Warfare', listened to Jaine Fenn and Al Robertson read, snuck in to hear Jacey Bedford discuss game of Thrones - which I still haven't read but gather with some relief I'm not alone at.

Sunday was mainly about critting, since I joined the Tea Party for the second time on the pre-booked critique sessions. The crittees were receptive and polite about being mauled. My fellow critters were impressive. As always, listening to other crits gave me insights as well. One can always learn.

Monday was my journey north, so I only had time to attend the Milford meeting before heading out. Sadly I've had to drop out from my booking this year and lose my deposit, but I hope to get back there again for another. It's one of the best writing experiences. If you haven't heard about it it's worth checking out, though you need to have a sale to qualify.

Well, that's a race through dysprosium. Since then I've been off to a NorthwriteSF meeting as well, and, ah yes, that's why I haven't been blogging!

I've been roughing out a line of guest blogs before Ashamet comes out. So I have been blogging. That's a relief.

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