Monday 9 December 2013

Review: 'Unspoken', by Sarah Rees Brennan :)

I cannot tell a lie, I got this book as a freebie at World Fantasycon so in the nature of things I might have never read it, but I'm glad I did. Without giving anything away, it's YA, 370 pages and surprisingly humourous for a life and death struggle.
The basic premis?
 A teenage girl, Kami,who lives in an ancient village in the English Cotswolds for once instead of the States, has always talked to an imaginary friend called Jared. Unlike most kids, Kami hasn't simply grown out of it, her friend is still in her head, both a comfort and an embarrassment. It's just not cool to laugh out loud when no one around you is joking.
But then a very real Jared walks into the story. He's part of the local lords of the manor who've returned after years away. He's not at all what Kami expected. And his family are decidedly odd.
I hope this interests you enough to try it for yourself. Me, I'm heading off to find the sequel. I'm even paying for it this time.

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