Friday 27 December 2013

Oh Dear :( where was the editor?

Is it me? I've just tried to read The Curious World of Katie Hinge, by Colin R Parsons, and find myself out of step with the 2 reviews on Amazon for it. [*****]

 Admittedly this was a book 2 but even so I don't believe that was enough to ruin it for me. As it was I gave up reading about a third of the way in. I couldn't take any more of the sloppy writing and obvious reliance on spellcheck. The ideas looked promising, and well targeted to a younger audience, but it felt as if one of that audience had written it and then published it without the services of a decent editor. Sad really, as I was left with the feeling it could have been good. So sorry to the author, and to those who reviewed on Amazon - where I've just lowered the overall rating - but this one's definitely not for me.

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