Saturday 1 October 2016

Don't Look a Gift Voucher in the Mouth?

Just a short note, cos I need to say this, and I probably won't stop feeling annoyed till I do.

I got an email from East Midands train service that offered me TEN PERCENT OFF my train bookings. It looked good. I had used them recently, so there was reason for them to want me to return?

I decided to use the offer to book my train tickets to and from Bristolcon at the end of October, while I thought about it. After all, it's not far off now. [Anyone else going?]

So I followed the link and checked train times etc. and found the price: £75.00 approximately. Hmm, ten % off that...

I reached the payment stage; it still said £75.00. Had they already discounted it? I hadn't seen any mention.

Feeling curious, I went to a rival supplier's site. Their - not discounted - price for the same journey: £75.00!!!!!!!!!!!!

How would you feel? Rest assured I'll be checking all future special offers. And may never use that train service site again.

But maybe I'll see some of you in Bristol on the 29th when I'm smiling again? It's a very pleasant con, and I'm doing stuff too.

1 comment:

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