Tuesday 27 September 2016

Milford - And About the Two FREE PLACES for 2017!

So another Milford Writers' Conference is over and I'm back home. making some revisions to the short story and novel excerpt I submitted for comment now I've had some excellent feedback? It was my third Milford, and maybe my best yet, with a great mix of attendees and a lot of thoughtful critiquing.

What's Milford?
A residential week, currently held in Snowdonia, where fifteen writers who have made a respectable fiction sale spend most of their stay pulling each others' submitted stories or excerpts apart - with of course the object of making them better.

There is no 'teacher', this is a round-the-room gathering. Volunteer committee members simply remind us of the Milford rules - and the time. Oh, and five places are held open longer for new members to get in first, since otherwise some of us would rebook every year! Which would weaken the value to all of us since new minds avoid bad habits creeping in?

The Milford system means that we all critique say five pieces over each half day, comments going round the group, each person with about three minutes to have their say. After which the writer of each piece can reply and some general discussion may follow, before moving to the next crit. It's polite, friendly, but intended to be professional standard feedback. We want to be better writers!

As an extra incentive, the week will be at Trigonos - see more on the Milford website - where the setting is deliberately isolated from the 'rush', the scenery is idyllic, great for walkers, and the food - yes it's all-found - is usually an attraction in itself. Time permitting we try to make an outside visit as well, a castle, a local attraction etc. [This year some members hiked around Snowdon and one took the steam train, while others went to Caenarfon and a pub lunch.]

In 2017 there's an added incentive for some new members, a bursary which covers everything bar travel to and from the venue, serious money.
It's an anonymous donation, offered to anyone with a fiction sale who can describe themselves in some way as 'a person of colour' which the committee will take as pretty broad definition

Could this be you? If so, do check the website for more info, it's a great opportunity, worth about £600! and I'd hate it not to be taken up.
Or mention it to someone you know??

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