Sunday 14 August 2016

Was I away?

Oh Boy!

Last September? Now I'm really feeling silly. I have a life. No, really. But I had no idea it had been almost a year since I posted here last.

I still have seven Orbit groups running for the British Science Fiction Association. I still have a part-time job that actually pays me. I just kinda forgot to find the time to blog [if anybody noticed :)]

The reviews for Ashamet are still great. I will refer you to the latest, by Narelle Roberts, an author in Australia, that someone kindly sent me. It begins: "This is a marvellous book"!!! That fed my ego for the rest of the month. And she kindly put it onto Amazon and Goodreads as well as her own blog.

 My publisher is talking about a new cover too, which will be interesting cos I think they mean to add some muscles?

And it's been made very clear to me that I'm supposed to SUBMIT stuff. Ashamet was signed without, and now I seem to have sold a short story without, cos again the publisher asked.
 The story is called Incense Shrine, and it's out now, in the anthology Myriad Lands.From Guardbridge Books.
  The theme is to collect stories none of which feature the more common western tropes and settings. the result was stories from writers in eleven countries, if you include the UK, including one from Adrian Tchaikovsky dealing with murderous flowers! To make it more fun, I was also engaged to edit several of the other stories, from five of the countries, and read a bit of mine at EdgeLit.

So I've taken the hint, and made a resolution to submit stuff in the future, which believe it or not will be a big step for me. Fingers crossed, eh?

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