Sunday 21 August 2016

The Following Comments....

A while ago I came across the following title in one of Chuck Wendig's blog 'rants' - which I hasten to add I thoroughly enjoy. The occasional [or not so] rants are the main reason I look.
Title: Don't Read the Comments.

Basically, and humourously, this rants about our overweening need to make a comment underneath any and every article/blog post/ video etc we see online.
Most of which are, to put it bluntly, pointless.

I've always tried not to make comments unless I have something to add to a discussion. Always assuming that if I do I should also stick to the topic in hand.

I do 'like' stuff, but regard that as a nod to say I've read it and agreed, or yes, liked.

But now I'm wondering: do I also add to the flood of waffle that so often purports to 'comment'? Do hope not.

Though I know for sure I'm not the worst offender. That goes to a friend who likes to keep the world in touch with her entire life. She's going out - look, to here. She's wearing - see? She's arrived and here's a picture of her first drink to prove it... And you thought cat pictures were bad?

Wendig said he was fed up of inane comments on his blog - not guilty - and was removing the comment feature. I could see his point.
Which leaves the question, which of the messages flying through the ether needs a comment box, and which don't?

If you like rants, the whole getting it off your chest, you might look at the blog: terrible minds. :)

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