Sunday 1 June 2014

5* review: Angel on the Ropes :)

Angel on the Ropes, by Jill Shultz

isbn: 9780984889228, out end of March.

Armandine needs to hide from social persecution. Where better than in front of an audience?

This is a must-read for me. It takes the classic tale of let's-run-away-to-the-circus to an entirely new, exciting  level, a page turner that really hooked me from start to finish. It's tagged as gay/Lesbian. Ignore that, it's just great SF! Check it out for yourself.

PS. I'm truly mystified why this book was self published, cos it seems unlikely it wasn't submitted somewhere before that. I really don't see why someone didn't take it. But thankfully it's in print anyway, cos for me it's definitely one self-published story worth shouting about.

Do let me know what you think?

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