Monday 23 June 2014

4* Review: Ghost Hand - why didn't a publisher grab this one instead of some of the rubbish I've been reading lately? :)

Self publishing that deserved to be published by someone else but wasn't.  I gave this a solid  4 stars. :)

This YA superhero fantasy is about a girl with a 'ghost' hand - think ectoplasm! The concept is presented as an acknowledged if not always accepted medical condition in this world. Or to put it another way,it's happening in some form to a small percentage of the population; it's still pretty new and freaky, so some people think it's awesome, some are fine with it, and others of course regard it as evil. There's one plot segment straight away.

As you'd expect this creates a lead character aptly described as " a little bit morbid, a whole lot snarky". A lead character with a strong voice always works for me and this is definitely that.

So when a new boy turns up in class, is there a connection with the strange and unexpected way her hand starts behaving?

To find out, get the book. I've already floated quite happily through the sequel!

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