Monday 3 April 2017

Ok so it's April - Sue Me

I know, I know, I said I was going to blog more. I thought about doing it, several times. My problem, I've decided, is that I don't feel like blogging IF I DON'T HAVE SOMETHING WORTH SAYING.

What brought that on?

The number of tweets, Facebook entries, and sundry 'news' items that drop into my own inbox. Most of them - though not all - are from people I know, like, am happy to hear from, but most of them are also, let's face it, idle chatter.

Someone went for a walk, someone's pet did this, someone has a headache... I'm sure you know what I mean, and have received them too. I'm happy for them, really, but it's hardly world changing? Truth to tell, it's not stuff I have time for either; time to read or to spend deleting.

And if the person concerned is a writer, as several are, I tend to think "ooh, news" and look for something writerish, book connected; their new book coming out perhaps, or a few thoughts on publishing etc. Then I hit the link and find out it's a new dress, or a comment on the weather...

Bah, humbug.

So here I am, having a rant. I don't suppose it'll change anything. The people out there who are convinced the world needs to know that they feel tired today will still feel that way. But hey, It's made me feel better.

Ah, is THAT why they do it too? Er, maybe I'll shut up now. And just accept that it wasn't necessarily about an audience at all. And that in order to find gold I'll have to sift through an awful lot of **** that needs deleting.

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