Sunday 27 November 2016


This is where I say sorry, to the BBC
Well, half sorry.

I moaned about them accepting an offer from Nigel Farage - he who has a non English name, a home in France, but purports to speak for the Brits, even to the Americans? - to appear on a documentary about his life after politics.
Well, sorry BBC, I obviously read the wrong account. Turns out the 'Farage Show' was actually a spoof, not a serious item.

As is clear from every sighting, Farage loves media exposure, so I strongly suspect he viewed this as good publicity. [Just like hearingTrump trumpeting his name as his preferred ambassador?]

So maybe I'm not so sorry, cos BBC, you added to the celeb hype the man likes to bask in, and I'm not at all sure that was the action of a responsible impartial TV channel. Farage, and Trump, are not politicians, nor seeking to serve anything or anyone except their own egos. Why would you want to pander to either?

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