Wednesday 30 July 2014

4* review: Death's Daughter, Kathleen Collins

pub. Carina Press, due out March 2014.

'Walker' Julianna Norris, half mage, half fae, can read magical signatures, ie. she can tell whose-magic-done-it. Lovely concept. So she works for The Agency but also often helps local human law inforcement, despite their crass police chief. So when half-magical children start to disappear in quick succession she's the obvious choice of investigator.

I enjoyed this one, and gave it the 4 stars despite the unbelievably stupid, stereotypical police chief and the remarkably un-vampish vampire boyfriend. Julianna's character was strong enough to tempt me to ignore those weaknesses and the fact I didn't spot the real villain for quite a while was a bonus; I usually do.

If you don't take this one too seriously you can sit back and enjoy it. Or, if you look at it as research, it's a great example of a hook heroine?

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