Thursday 29 May 2014

It's Official, I Now Have An Editor!

Yes, I've been missing a while. Mea culpa.
What can I say - I've been a bit busy, but guilt got me here, for a few minutes anyway.

The edited manuscript - ie I was editing it for its writer - was delivered to the publisher and I was free. And as if she heard Edwina, my own editor, finished her look-through and sent me the script for Ashamet.

So here begineth the revisions!

First things first, her approach is very much like my own. Anyone who has had feedback from me would feel right at home.

Second, she likes it!

Third, she wants me to add more than cut! [Apparently this isn't usually the case.] So I'm feeling even better cos I assume that means I haven't waffled - much.

Fourth, yes fourth, she's volunteered to edit more of my work! Definitely a rash remark cos she hasn't even seen what I'll send back to her yet?

Forget nerves, I LIKE editing.
All I have to worry about now is the final title. If anyone who's seen the rough draft has any ideas for a subtitle to add to the name - please throw it in?

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